1 year ago today the doors of Aurora Boutique officially opened. June 7th 2016, we welcomed our first client in the door and began one of the busiest and most rewarding year of our lives. Looking back on all that has happened it’s hard to believe we had time to experience all these wonderful things. Just a short year ago we left our jobs and homes in Saskatoon and headed to North Battleford. Opening Aurora Boutique was an opportunity for myself to be closer to Preston and to our home as well as venture out on my own business path. Emily was coming for a summer adventure at the lake and a break from her busy life in Saskatoon.

“Opening a new salon in a new town was terrifying. Only knowing a few people, it was certainly risky. Having people sit in my chair and trust me is humbling and watching my clientele grow to being booked solid is a dream come true. This year has given me so much growth in my professional and personal career. I knew owning your own business would be hard and I was definitely right about that, it’s a big learning curve. But, it definitely has its perks. – you are literally the only one to blame if you don’t enjoy your job!” -Olivia

“I wasn’t really nervous for Olivia to open her own business. She doesn’t have the personality to accept failure. Everything she does she does amazing at, she’s incredibly hard working and determined. She has undeniable natural talent and when you pair that with hard work it pays off. She also has the most caring and kind personality. She has always lit up every room she walked into so I knew she would be successful anywhere she went. And it didn’t take long for amazing people to find her.” -Emily

So, our year in review. Let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

365 Days ago, we opened the door for the very first time and let’s just say the 400sq/ft. room was pretty bare.

“I was relieved at the time however, as my styling chair had only arrived 3 days earlier. At the beginning, I had 1 client a day. That made me super happy as I had expected a lot of days with nothing. By the second week I had multiple clients a day. And, by the third week some days were even completely booked.” -Olivia

“It was a lot of anticipation to see how the first weeks would play out. And, I don’t think we ever expected them to be as busy as they were. That was cool to see! It’s hard to believe at that time I was suppose to be here just for the summer. Things have come a long way since those opening weeks!” -Emily

Over the year Aurora has gotten a little more crowded… a few more decorations, and A LOT more retail on the shelves. The space is certainly being used, and not only has our space developed but so has our client base. Our schedules are full every day and only seem to be growing.

Aside from the space its self we have done a lot of other fun things as well –

· Olivia working with Warne Photography and the Rock on the Rockettes calendar. Styling all the ladies hair for what turned out to be a kick ass calendar for an amazing cause.

· Taken Emily from a brunette to a blonde.

· Running our first fundraiser. Donating all the proceeds of men’s haircuts to the Movember Foundation. As well as donating baskets to so many amazing causes.

· Working with Blue Rentals (a business and women that have been so supportive of us) and sponsoring the bridal show. Doing some hair for the fashion show and having a vendor’s booth set up.

· Emily signing up for her makeup course through QC Academy and making a career out of a lifelong passion.

· Lending a hand with some hair and makeup for the Cochin Dinner theatre.

· Olivia taking numerous Kevin Murphy and La Biosthetique classes. Even venturing to Las Vegas for an incredible conference.

· Emily getting trained in OrganicTan.

· Working with amazing companies that keep Aurora true to our brand of being, clean, natural, and high quality.

· And of course, Olivia saying the big yes to Prestons’ proposal. Plus, taking the trip of a lifetime to Ireland together to celebrate!

We wanted to say thank you to our clients. Thank you for your support over this last year and thank you for having us be a part of your worlds. We have gotten to know a lot of you quite well. We have seen your families grow with your wedding and birth announcements. Sell, buy, and renovate your homes. Move on through hard times and laugh hard through good times. Thank you for choosing us so we can continue to do what we love here at the salon and to continue to grow personally and professionally.

Olivia & Emily

Date Originally Published: June 8, 2017