Fall always seems to be a fresh start. A fresh new season with a fresh new you. While we truly love summer, we do always enjoy the change. Leaves changing, cozy sweaters and lattes all seem to go so hand in hand. It’s also always exciting (maybe not for the budget) to see the new products hitting store shelves. We love to check out our fave places on Instagram and see what they’re bringing in… Which brings us to a few of our favourite things in the shop for fall. Just three to keep it simple. Yours and our fall must haves!

SunnaTan Keep Me Golden

This awesome product is a tan in a can! Just because our suntan fades with the summer sun doesn’t mean we can’t keep a little glow! This product is a self tanner in a convenient spray. Perfect for doing your face, chest, and arms!

Keep a small part of summer with a beautiful glow that will show even with a fall sweater on! With clean ingredients, a buildable glow, and easy use it is the perfect product! Price: $35

Kevin Murphy Heated Defense

As we transition from cute summer messy buns to actually having to do our hair again it will take a hit. The blow drying, straightening, curling and dry dry winter air it’s time to protect your hair with Heated Defense- a weightless heat protectant foam.

This leave in foam easily distributes and disappears in hair to protect it up to 450F. Yep, that’s right, 450F which is hot! So hot you could most frozen food at a lower temp. Apply to damp hair and style away, or use it in dry hair and see it absorb instantly. It will also help smoothe and detangle hair! Price: $32.50

Coal and Canary NEW 3 Wick Candles in Metallic Jar

Ahh candles! One of the best parts to fall. We always look forward to the release of Coal and Canary’s fall scents. 5 delicious smelling candles with scents like pumpkin, cake, brown sugar and honey. Oh, and don’t forget the classic smell of apples in the Cider Made Me Do It candle. Yep cute and cheeky names too.

The best part? They are now even more fall looking with the new metallic jar! Double the candle and burn time, plus the amazing scents of fall all contained in the cutest metallic jars. A 100 hour burn time, and don’t worry they have the same great crackling wick to remind you of a tiny campfire! Price: $45