In case you haven’t had the chance to pop in and visit us at Aurora Boutique I would like to introduce myself and give you an idea of what my new business is all about. I am Olivia Staples, owner and stylist here at Aurora. You may have heard the name in passing and wondered what this Aurora Boutique is all about so I thought I would take an opportunity to give you an idea of what to expect when visiting us.

I refer to “us” a lot when describing the salon. Although I am the only stylist I don’t spend all my time alone. When you walk through our door you will most likely be greeted by Emily, my beautiful younger sister. She has moved here for the summer to help me out and my secret plan (that’s not so secret) is to convince her to stay for good. She mans the front desk helping all my wonderful clients book appointments, offers knowledge on our retail products, and rings you through after your appointment. She does so much more then I could ever mention and you will certainly see that at your visit.

So the name Aurora Boutique can be a touch confusing to some as you might expect to find clothing in a boutique. Boutique however can be defined as – a small company that offers highly specialized services or products. Which is something we most certainly have!

Small is a category we easily fall into. When you walk into Aurora you will find that my space is a whopping 400 square feet. Just enough (and sometimes not quite) room to house my most favorite things! I didn’t want to limit the opportunities for services and products that I carry so “Aurora Salon” just didn’t quite say the range of different things we do here.

For our selection of highly specialized services and products? Well…


If you are coming for a hair service, you will be dealing with yours truly. Although I can be a touch chatty, I am a great listener and we will spend the first portion of your appointment discussing your service. A thorough consultation is the only way to set us both up for success. This is the time for you to share with me your goals and concerns for the service you are about to receive. From there I take care of the rest and you can relax and take that time to get what you need. One big perk to a one chair hair salon is that we can chat without worrying whose listening, you can sit in silence without blow dryers in the back ground or if you want to take a snooze I’ll promise to lie to you if you have a drooling problem.

Organic Tan

Another service you might come in for would be an Organic Tan. What is this you may be wondering? Well an Organic Tan is a natural airbrush tan, AKA a spray tan!!! I know you might be thinking – “oh how fake!” “Or they make me nervous.” “I don’t want to look orange!” Well my friends I can assure you there is no tan like an Organic Tan. What makes us so different is that it is 100% customizable. Meaning we again have a discussion on what your goal for your tan is and together choose a shade that is perfect for your event and skin tone. Next the tan is applied with an airbrush gun (yes, you have to stand in your next to nothings in front of me) but no need to apologize for your stretch marks, cellulite or baby body! We all have insecurities and I can promise you that after your tan you will feel way better about those things. This tan, in my opinion, is literally like foundation for your body! Blending away all those unwanted inscriptions we have somehow “earned” in our lifetime.

With an Organic Tan we can ensure to get spots like, biceps, hips, inner legs and tops of shoulders things you might feel like get missed in a booth. With an Organic Tan you are responsible for nothing. I will make sure your tan is completely blended so no dark feet or hands, no blotching, and no build up of tan in creases such as elbows and knees. After a quick 20-minute total process you are on your way with a flawless tan (not orange in anyway) for up to 10 days.

Brow Care

The last service you can receive here is to take care of those eyebrows we all care so much about!!! Tinting and certainly waxing is something every eyebrow needs to experience. A pretty self-explanatory processes but also a very rewarding ones as well! Nothing better then making one eyebrow into two!


Kevin Murphy is the love of my life! A high quality line with beautiful packaging made from recycled materials, sulfate and paraben free formulas and every product does what is says its going to! Along with my hair product line we also have a variety of fun things to shop for.

Coal and Canary Candles – wood wick candles that sound like a mini campfire in your home, and smell of goodness!

B-Sparkled – A gorgeous earring collection from a company based out of Regina. These girls are beyond talented and keep our shelves stocked with the latest, creative studs from their line.

– We are also stocked up with coffee mugs from MugShots, the cheekiest mugs you will ever have in your cupboard.

– Our newest line Erin Nicole Lash Haute Couture is a 100% mink strip lash line created right here in Saskatchewan! Lash Artist designed and hand crafted to give you the look of professional lash extensions without the commitment and the best part these babies can be worn up to 25X!

– Lastly Flora BodyCare – A natural, vegan, cruelty free line of scrubs and face masks to keep you loving your skin! Another Canadian made line that has been nothing but delightful!

There will forever be something new being carried here at Aurora and that is simply because I have a shopping problem! And because when I opened my doors I had a vision of carrying locally made, Canadian made and extremely unique items that you won’t find anywhere else in North Battleford. I have had a great time opening up Aurora Boutique here and have to say what an incredible community I have been welcomed into. There have been so many friendly faces I have had the privilege of meeting; everyone has been so kind and supportive, giving me many words of encouragement and kindness. So thank you to everyone who has stopped in to see me so far, you have given me an incredible first three months of business!

Date Originally Published: August 31, 2016